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Best Facelift Prices - Pricing Guide to Finding the Cheapest Cosmetic Surgeon

A facelift is a very popular cosmetic procedure which involves the removal of wrinkles by stretching sagging skin and possibly the tightening of underlying facial tissue. Not all facelift procedures involve the tightening of underlying tissue. Age has always been a factor capable of taking its toll on the human body and cosmetic surgery has enabled the human race to fight back against the signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance. Finding the best facelift prices and cheapest cosmetic surgeon should be done mindful of certain criteria regarding the quality of the surgical treatment provided.

Types of Facelifts

There are several different types of facelifts including the mini facelift, which uses smaller incisions and works on a smaller amount of face than a traditional facelift. There is also a mid facelift working on primarily the cheek bones and tissue-glue facelift procedure. A tissue-glue facelift refers only to the technique used to seal the incisions after the operation. In a tissue-glue facelift a special type of glue which helps to seal blood vessels and promote faster healing is used to close the incisions instead of sutures. Facelift cost will depend largely on the seniority and prestige of the surgeon and clinic performing the facelift procedure.

Facelift Procedure

The technical term for a facelift is a rhytidectomy and involves making an incision from in front of the ear, under and around the ear up to somewhere near the hairline. Then the skin is separated from the underlying facial tissue and at this point if the support system for the face is to be tightened it can be done with dissolvable sutures or a special type of glue as with the tissue-glue facelift.

The Cheapest Cosmetic Surgeon and the Best Facelift Prices

The cheapest cosmetic surgeon will be able to supply the best facelift prices however one should be wary of overly cheap offers and be sure that the performing cosmetic surgeon and clinic providing the facelift procedure are reputable and have checkable professional references and adequate references from past patients. Also, the aftercare package covering things such as any revision surgery that may be required is of the upmost importance. Many reputable clinics performing facelift procedures will also offer reasonable finance terms for those who want to spread the facelift cost over several years. Many of these financial options are interest free. The typical price of a facelift in the UK can range anywhere between £4000 and £9000, with facelifts abroad having the best facelift prices and the cheapest cosmetic surgeons. A facelift in Belgium is reported as being available from £1650 and Belgium is not very far from the UK. So for those patients considering medical tourism the additional expenses may still be low enough to make the whole facelift cost cheaper than the UK.

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