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About Us

Like it says over there (on the right) we're a seasoned team of strategists, developers, designers, analytics experts and search marketing specialists. We're all smart, internet savvy and very passionate about what we do.

Where We're From

Since 1999 the team here at Moodia has been dedicated to designing, building and marketing exceptionally good websites for our clients. It's fair to say that in that time we've gained quite the reputation for excellence.

We've worked with the likes of easyGroup, ITN, ITV, Magic FM, Spectator, Standard Bank and Sunglass Hut, to name just a few (we also work with one of the 'Big Four' UK Accountancy firms and for perhaps the biggest search engine in the world)

'Exceptionally good', for our clients, almost always means 'delivers excellent Return On Investment'. Our goal as an agency has always been to deliver as much ROI as possible, a goal to which we remain 100% committed.

Where We're At

Over the years we've spent a lot of time obsessing over how to deliver the highest possible levels of ROI to our clients. This obsession with clear transparent results today brings us to our latest offering... Ladies and gentlemen we present to you...

'Website Optimisation' - our revolutionary new framework for massively increasing the level of profits you can expect to see from your website.

In our experience most companies are good at one or two aspects of web marketing but do not achieve as much as they could because they're not very good at the others. Often if they're quite good all round they fall down because their strategy does not link up all of their activities.

Website Optimisation cuts through this and focuses on the 'Big 3 Things' required for significant improvements in website performance. By focusing on these fundamental areas of business activity, you can expect to see big increases in revenue and profit.

Our goal is to help make our clients excellent at these fundamental website marketing activities.

Where We're Going

The web has been maturing for some time, we're finally seeing some of the awesome potential of online fulfilled.

It's come a long way but there's always more that can be achieved. Website Optimisation combines key online marketing activities to tap into that potential. We believe it presents the best opportunity to significantly increase online ROI available to most website owners today.

Of course everyone likes a bit of hype, we're all a little obsessed with the new and shiny. We get excited about new online developments too but our experience means we can quickly evaluate the usefulness of these developments.

Website optimisation forces you to focus on doing the right stuff and can bring you huge benefits as a result.

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